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The Official Sourdough Wilderness Ranch Website
Sourdough Wilderness Ranch is a privately owned wilderness area east of Ogden, Utah, where our Members enjoy camping, fishing, ATV riding, hunting, and all other outdoor activities on over 6,000 acres of beautiful mountain land.
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~ News ~
Posted on Sep 10th, 2014 Comments (2)
Board Members will be inspecting sites for illegal septic system (any dumping of human waste into the ground). Sites which are found to have septic tanks will be cited and could be banned from the Ranch for a minimum of one year. This is an EXTREME VIOLATION of Weber County regulations that could force the Ranch to be shut down immediately! If you know of someone who has a septic system on their lot, please report it to the Ranch Office immediately. We ALL will lose if the Ranch is shut down because of the actions of a few...HELP PROTECT THE RANCH BEFORE IT IS FORCED TO CLOSE!!!
Posted on Sep 4th, 2014 Comments (0)
We have finally completed the new Google Map of the Ranch (see the new map on the MAPS link of this website). Thr new map shows lot numbers, trails, and locations of facilities and amenities. WE NEED YOUR HELP! The site locations were marked according to the old hand drawn maps and good guesses so accuracy is not as good as it could be. We need your help to identify lot numbers that are misplaced. Please use the CONTACT US link on this website, select WEBMASTER, and send us a note if you find a site incorrectly marked. We will be working on individual maps for each of the locations when the full map is as correct as we can get.
Ropes & Cables Across Lots
Posted on Sep 4th, 2014 Comments (2)
As discussed at the Town Hall meeting, using ropes and cables across your lot is not allowed on the Ranch. This action was approved by the Board in July 2013 per the Meeting Minutes.
Lake East Fishing Limits Raised
Posted on Sep 1st, 2014 Comments (0)
Because of low water, the fish limits at LAKE EAST (ONLY) has been raised to 5 fish per day, 8 fish per visit of more than one day, for the rest of the season. Rock Creek and the Kids Pond will remain at normal limits.

~ Ranch Update ~
We are fortunate to enjoy the marvelous fall colors that all this rain has brought to the Ranch while we pack up our lots and head down the mountain for the season.  I would like to thank everyone for helping to make this a great year!  We have had a few incidents to contend with but I truly believe that Sourdough has the best group of Members that I have had the pleasure to work with and for. I appreciate your patience while we worked on issues like the roads, the water at the dump stations, getting people to pay their guest fees, and getting the outhouses dumped on time. We did manage to get the bowery cabin leveled, new sand at the beaches, and don’t forget this great website that has kept us in touch all year and will continue to do so through the winter months. For those of us who are closing up our lots for the season, I have attached a checklist (CLICK HERE TO READ) that everyone can use to make sure that when they leave their lot, it will be safe for the wildlife. Even though us campers are heading down over the next few weeks, the hunters and snowmobilers will just be starting their season of enjoying the Ranch. I hope it has been/will be a great season for everyone!

~ Board Members on Duty ~
Board Members on duty September 26-28 are:

~ Events/Meetings ~
New and Current Members Policy Meeting
Tuesday, October 14th, 6:30 PM at Sourdough Office
The New & Current Members Policy Meeting is held on the second Tuesday of each month. This meeting is to review Sourdough Rules, Regulations and Policies that effect everyone on the Ranch.  All new members are required to attend and current members are asked to attend at least one meeting per year.
Sourdough Board Meeting
Wednesday, October 15th, 6:00 PM at Sourdough Office
The Board Meetings are held every third Wednesday of the month. Everyone is welcome to attend. If you have an issue you would like to discuss with the Board, please contact the Office 1 week prior to the meeting date to be added to the agenda.

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~ Member Kudos ~
A BIG THANK YOU goes to LaVier, Kara, Ty, Jace, Spencer, Ron, Lori and Brad for their work in cleaning up the Rifle Range. Despite the weather they managed to clear out all the debris that had accumulated over the past year. It is with the efforts of Members like these that keep the Ranch looking it's best!!

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