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Sourdough Wilderness Ranch is a privately owned wilderness area east of Ogden, Utah, where our Members enjoy camping, fishing, ATV riding, hunting, and all other outdoor activities on over 6,000 acres of beautiful mountain land.
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The Ranch will be opened for snowmobiling and other season activities this winter. The use of the Ranch is at your own risk. The parking lot will be kept clear of snow as much as possible.  We recommend all snow mobile trailers be parked with respect to room for other trailers. The tubing hill to the west of the Cabin may be used by members and their guests.  The fire pit near the Cabin may be used. Please make sure you completely extinguish the fire and place the lid back on the pit before leaving.  Two outhouses are kept at the bottom of the Ranch for use during the winter as weather allows.  The Cabin is not to be used by members or their guests as it has been winterized for the season.  Please make sure EVERYONE is signing in at the cabin. This gives us a record of ranch usage and also helps identify individuals if there is an emergency. The Guest Fee is in effect year round and guests bringing their vehicle onto the ranch must pay the $10 guest fee. Payment envelopes are available at the sign in box at the cabin. Fill out both the guest sheet and the envelopes and then drop the payment envelope in the drop box and place the hang tag in the guest vehicle.

Owners planning to park at the ranch with trailers (ATV or snowmobile) need to purchase a Winter Parking Pass at the Roy office. The pass allows members to park on the ranch for the entire season for only $25, otherwise owners with trailers are asked to pay $10 for day use. Parking pass income is used to help pay for the lot being kept clear during the winter. Members using the sledding hill are encouraged to purchase a season parking pass or pay the day use fee to help keep the parking lot cleared for you as well.

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