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Sourdough Wilderness Ranch is a privately owned wilderness area east of Ogden, Utah, where our Members enjoy camping, fishing, ATV riding, hunting, and all other outdoor activities on over 6,000 acres of beautiful mountain land.
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***The cabin WILL be open for Memorial weekend with camp host's on duty, however the with the recent weather forecast it looks like rain/snow. PLEASE DO NOT bring your trailers up until you have verified that your lot is accessible. Also be advised that they are starting to stock pile road base and construction will be starting soon. If you get stuck or make ruts in the road you will be responsible to pay for grading and fixing!


President’s Summary of Sourdough Ranch Annual Meeting

May 1, 2019

I would like to thank everyone that attended the Annual Meeting.  There was a good turnout.  Recap of the meeting:

            Shawna Lee was introduced as the new office manager and took care of the signing in of ballets and note keeping.

            The new Caretakers at the cabin where announced.  They are Kelley & Jessica Storey from Elkhorn,  We welcome them.

            A special thanks went out to those board members that are leaving; Kelley Burton, Jerrod Story and Dan Harris for the years of service and dedication to the ranch.

            Vicky Stewart discussed the upcoming road projects and explained the conditions of the roads currently.  The budget this year will be used for grading, dust guard and specific road improvements. 

            Blake Fielding talked about fish and the proposed schedule for the fish planting.

            Jared Schofield discussed the upcoming hunting seasons and reported on the last hunting meeting.

            Chris Jeppesen thanked everyone for helping with the fire control and great participation and support from the members last year.  No unauthorized fires where reported after fires where shut down.

            Randy Goodell introduced himself and we look forward to working with him again.

            The 2018 actual and the 2019 Budget was discussed and passed.   

 The 2019 elections result were shared.  Those voted in were; Jay Kulawinski, Doug Ford and Jack Morris.   John Bingham, Ogden Valley Land and Trust explain the relationship between the Trust and Sourdough Trust. It was very informative, and he stated Sourdough By-laws were in line with the Ogden Valley Land and Trust.  If they are followed and are consistently applied things run smoothly and there is a good relationship now between these two organizations.

            The Ogden Valley Land and Trust and Sourdough coordinated a gazebo at the doggie beach which will move forward.  There is also a Boy Scout Eagle project at the gun range that was coordinated.

            A grant was received for spraying the most invasive weeds.  There is a need for volunteers to help apply the sprays and more information will be posted on the web site as the information become available.

            Steve Bailey, Sourdough’s attorney, discussed the reason for the conflict between Sourdough and Beaver Creek and the progress that is being made in a civil manner.  Progress is being made.

            The new vehicle stickers are to be placed in the inside of the windshield which should resolve some problems from the past.  

            Debit and credit cards can now be processed at the Sourdough office and over the phone with the office manager.  It is being looked into to make this available at the cabin along with ATV, fishing passes and other needs.

            Again, thank you for your support.  We as a Board truly appreciate your help and support through out the year. 

Richard Day

President Sourdough Ranch 


Spring is here in the valleys but not quite so on top the mountain. 


The Ranch received a tremendous amount of snow during the winter and conditions above the Horseshoe camps are still snow covered.  The road will be barricaded to vehicles as the snow line moves up.  ATVs may pass the barrier at their own risk.  Please be mindful of the condition of the roads and the capabilities of your machines.


Lake East

Currently the lake has open water , please be careful anywhere around the lakes or any run off streams on the ranch.


Elk Horn Brush Piles


Elkhorn brush pile was burned on  5/4/19 and Lake East brush pile will be burned during later in May weather permitting.  If you are interested in helping with this project please contact the office.




The bypass road is now open for UP-HILL traffic ONLY.


In the fall we will reverse the flow to assist bringing down trailers.


Remember the bypass road drastically cuts the slope of the climb from nearly 22% to 11% and saves the main road from excessive damage.  Please use this alternate route traveling uphill and remember to use 4 wheel drive. 


Please make sure EVERYONE is signing in at the cabin. This gives us a record of ranch usage and also helps identify individuals if there is an emergency.


The Guest Fee is in effect year round and guests bringing their vehicle onto the ranch must pay the $10 guest fee.


Payment envelopes are for the $10 guest fee. Payment envelopes are available at the sign in box at the cabin. Fill out both the guest sheet and the envelopes and hang tag in the guest vehicle then drop the payment envelope in the drop box on the cabin wall.

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