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Outhouse Service Reports
*Please DO NOT call United Services directly, use this form and I will follow up with united weekly on any issues* 
If you have a problem, suggestion, complaint or compliment for public & private outhouses use link below!
-----> CLICK THIS LINK <-----
2024 OUTHOUSES ARE ESTIMATED TO OST $351 FOR THE SEASON (Memorial-Labor Day Weather Permitting)
To order or cancel services is needs to be done in writing via email or letter on or before May 1, 2024. 
Outhouse bills are sent October 1st & they are due October 30th. Late fees are applied November 1st. 
This season will be using QR codes for service reporting, so we will also be working with them on what days/areas were serviced. This will help us track better!  
You are welcome to add water if needed, also feel free to add Clorox or pine sol to make the units smell better. (The dollar store has perfect size bottles)
Please do not over decorate units, things get broken & will be removed if they are in the way. 
You are responsible for lock combinations for your units, we do not keep track of these. Please write the comb down somewhere. The service driver has a master key he uses. If you forgot your combination, we do have locks for purchase at the cabin.  If you need to cut yours off, they are $10.  
New deliveries should come unlocked & a new lock will be placed on your floor. The comb is in the lock box on a piece of paper! 
We dont cater to your choice of unit color!
If your unit is damaged, remove your lock now so they do not have to leave another lock. (If you receive 2 locks please turn the new one back to the camp host at the cabin) 
They will not service if the roads are super wet & muddy so keep this in mind before filling out the service report! 
We ask that you DO NOT call United Services directly, use this form below and we will follow up with united weekly on any issues, once they have had a chance to set up and get things started. 
Thank you for understanding!
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