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Lots for Sale on Sourdough Wilderness Ranch
      Membership shares (lots) listed for sale on Sourdough Wilderness Ranch are for the convenience of the Members who are selling their memberships. Sourdough Wilderness Ranch does not charge for this service and has no gain from any sale listed.
      PROSPECTIVE BUYERS: If you would like to see a lot on Sourdough, you need to contact the individual owners directly. Sourdough does not show lots to prospective buyers that are owned by the Members. You need a Member to let you in at the gate and that Member is responsible for you while you are on the Ranch. The guest fee does apply to prospective buyers bringing a separate vehicle onto the ranch. The fee is to be paid at the cabin. EVERYONE must sign in at the cabin. The Member may not have the time to show any other lot besides their own so you may have to arrange your appointments carefully so that the responsibility for getting you off the Ranch can be passed to another Member if you are to see more than one lot in a day. Non Members are not allowed to roam freely throughout the Ranch and must be under the responsibility of a current Member at all times.
The membership is what is for sale. You do not receive any actual land. The membership allows you to lease the lot assigned to the membership. All lots are single entry at approximately 1/2 acre in size. There is no services such as water, electricity or sewer. The lots are all very primitive. We advise all individuals interested in purchasing a membership to view the area first. Trailer size is dictated by the accessibility of the lot as roads and trees will not be removed or altered to accommodate larger trailers. As for contact information on the individual owning the membership, I am unable to give out any more information than what is already listed on our website. The Ranch, itself, can not be involved in the sale of a memberships. We are only here to facilitate the transfer of the membership from one (1) individuals name to another individuals name. These transfers require an appointment to be made with the office to ensure all proper documentation is available at the time of transfer. Currently the Annual membership dues is set at $300 and is due on the 1st of April. 
It is highly recommended that you DO NOT buy a Membership Share and the lot associated to it site unseen! Regardless of what a seller might tell you, it is your responsibility to make sure your RV will fit on any lot you select. The Ranch  WILL NOT allow you to remove trees and brush or make other site changes in order to have your RV fit.
      PROSPECTIVE SELLERSIf you have a Membership Share (lot) you would like to list on our Membership Share (Lots) For Sale page, click this link to send an email or contact the Sourdough Office. If you plan on listing your Membership Share and lot associated with it for sale on other sites, you need to use your own photos (do not use photos from this website), do not exaggerate the size of your lot (they are all only 1/2 acre in size), and do not lead perspective buyers into thinking they will be able to get Ranch approval to cut trees and brush or make any other lot  or road changes in order to make their RVs fit.
      Occasionally Sourdough has repossession lots that go up for auction, these will be identified as such in the listings below along with instructions on the bidding process.
as of 1/20/20
Enviro Hill 18A,  Michael Hale, 801-941-1222 or 801-941-1115
Coyote 10, Jeff Dinsdale,  801-458-8236
*Kelly Guire is looking for an undeveloped lot to PURCHASE 801-458-7780


All sales prices and money transactions are between Buyer and Seller only.
  • Make sure you represent your Membership Share (lot) correctly in your advertising
  • Contact the Sourdough Office if you would like to list your Membership Share (lot) for sale on this website
  • Direct your prospective buyers to this website to read the Rules and Regulations prior to purchasing
  • When your Membership Share (lot) sells
    • Contact the Sourdough Office to schedule an appointment to do the transfer (no walk ins accepted) Please allow at least 24 hour notice to get paperwork ready.
    • Bring the 2 keys issued for this lot (lost keys must be paid for before the transfer is processed), your Certificate of Membership, the remnants of the 2 vehicle security stickers issued to you (lost security stickers must be paid for before the transfer is processed) and any ATV stickers issued. 
    • Your part of the transfer will take approximately 5-10 minutes
  • Request an appointment to meet with the seller and Sourdough Board member to verify the lot associated to the Membership share you are purchasing is represented correctly. This is for your protection prior to the sale, once the sale is complete, you will be held responsible for any infractions.
  • Contact the office at least 24 hours prior to transfer appointment to supply the needed personal information for the transfer paperwork.
  • Attend appointment for title transfer set up by the seller with the Sourdough Office.
  • Buyers will need to bring $100 cash, check or card for the transfer fee. 
    • Buyer portion of the transfer will take 30 min to 1 hr.

Sourdough has some sites that are available only for trade to existing members. Members can identify these lots under the Campsite Listing section of the Member Directory. The sites available for trade are listed as Sourdough Site.
If a Member wishes to trade their lot for another lot on this list,  they must:
   (1) Notify the Sourdough Office of your desire to trade.
   (2) An appointment will be created to meet with a Board Member to establish a formal trade request and to make sure the Members current lot and the requested trade lot are in order.
   (3) The Board Member will bring the trade request to the next monthly Board Meeting for Board approval.
   (4) Once approval is given, the member will be notified to meet at the Office to finalize the trade.
   (5) The Members traded lot will then become the property of Sourdough Ranch and may or may not be placed on future trade lists
   (6) The fee for trading lots is $100.00. 
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